Bringing light into the dark:
The new LED cable reel from Schill.

This innovative product solution is really something special. The integrated LED-lamp means that an additional light source is not required when working in dark areas. Because a simple press of the button on the cable reel itself is sufficient to provide optimum illumination of the working area. The LED cable reel offers 3 power sockets so that bothersome replugging is unnecessary when using several tools together. Overheating and consequential damage to the cable reel are prevented by a thermostatic trip switch. The LED cable reel is of course also fitted with a rotating hand crank and a locking brake. When working in dark room the LED cable reel is a real highlight.

Integrated LED lamp
The working area in dark rooms can be illuminated at the press of a button.


3 power sockets
Several electric tools/devices can be used at the same time – without bothersome replugging.


Thermostatic trip switch
To protect against overheating and fire damage, the unit turns itself off at excessively high temperatures.


Hand crank
The rotating hand crank ensures smooth unwinding and winding of the cable.


Locking brake
The locking brake aids handling of the cable reel during transportation and carrying.


Plug holder
Order and safety are ensured when the plug remains in its proper place.


Patented cable winding mechanism
This optional accessory facilitates this stage of the process – and saves time.


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