There is, of course, lots more additional information available on many products and subjects. We have put together an entire selection of material and catalogues regarding a variety of sectors as downloads, so that now you can get exactly the right information you require on your desktop.


Terms and Conditions

our general terms and conditions version 2016

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

REACH statement of compliance

ElektroG Act / RoHS confirmation

Logo Pack

The Schill company logo in various file formats.

Calendar 2019

Frank-Dodd-Act 3TG conflict materials


Catalogue audio/video

Schill catalogue for the department audio/video

Catalogue broadcast

Schill catalogue for the department broadcast

Catalogue handcraft

Schill catalogue for the department handcraft

Catalogue industry

Schill catalogue for the department industry

Pricelist 2019

The pricelist is valid from 01.01.2019


Air Flex Line FT 150 260 350 038 046

Declaration of conformity

Professional Line

Declaration of conformity

Classic Line

Declaration of conformity

Base Line

Declaration of conformity

Stage Line Construction Line

Declaration of conformity

SL 500

Declaration of conformity

Air Line ST

Declaration of conformity

FTE 260 and FTE 350

Declaration of conformity


Overview Schill legends

Here you will find an overview of the Schill legends with explanation.

Flyer reels for eMobility - technical information

Innovative reels for the eMobility sector. Thy types FT 260, FT 350 and FT 038 are available for connection to a wallbox or alternatively as a version including functionality of a wallbox.

One cable drum – three function

The GT 310.MD3USB2LED.40KS315 is a multi-talent made of special rubber.

Always well connected with LAN-reels from Schill

Various automatic cable reels with LAN cable

Liggoo – Plug and Go

Whether for illuminating dark corners on construction sites, areas on stage and film sets or during leisure activities such as hiking, camping or cycling - Liggoo is your constant companion and thanks to its modularity and flexibility it always provides a solution for even the trickiest lighting task.

GT 310.WS3-IP67: When it really gets wet, submersion won't harm it.

The entire drum has the protection class IP67 and therefore it's ideally suited for safe use in wet areas.

GT 310.LED – cable drum with integrated LED light

This innovative product solution is really something special. The integrated LED-lamp means that an additional light source is not required when working in dark areas.

GT 310.SZ.MD3.40KS315 – A constant eye on power consumption

The cable drum made of Special rubber comprises a single-phase electricity meter which measures only actually consumed energy.

GT 380.LED – cable drum with integrated LED light

With our new GT 380 cable drum innovation we offer you a practical solution for dark environments.

Bright and energy-saving: cable drum with integrated LED light

This innovative product solution is really something special. The integrated LED-lamp means that an additional light source is not required when working in dark areas.

Cable drum with PRCD-S

Mobile personal protection

FT 260.0308

Work safely with flexible length cable

Cable winder for cable drum GT 310

The patented innovation for GT 310 series cable drums ensures the cable no longer requires manual guidance during winding. The cable winds layer by layer on the drum core.

Flyer cable drum with latchable hinged door

A new cover for cable drums of the series GT 310 to GT 450 that ensures protection of your high quality cable connectors.

Flyer industry

General information of our products for the industry branch

Flyer audio/video

General information of our audio-video-products

Flyer handcraft

General information of our products for the handcraft branch

SL 500 – functionality and quality

The SL 500 has been specially developed to suit the wishes and requirements of users, in particular in the broadcasting sector.


Operating instructions cable reels 16A 250V 400V

These operating instructions contain advice on the operation of your cable reel and how to avoid causing damage or detrimental effects on health.


Do you have questions about our product range, need technical advice or are you looking for a distributor near you? Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are happy to advise you.

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