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Energy so close you can grab it

The automatic cable and hose retractors (Flex Line und Air-Flex Line) bring energy exactly there where it is needed. Whereby the diversity of the model range is entirely attuned to the individual needs and requirements. The cable length i.e. the hose length flexibly adapts to every situation: the automatic locking fixates the hose and cable in the relevant pulled out length and permits strain-relieved working. At the same time the risk of stumbling over cables falls away and the correct protective storage when not in use increases the lifespan of the cables and the hoses.

In its inner are innovative details with big effects: maintenance-free bearings guarantee excellent running properties; the spiral spring drive always ensures a reliable functionality. The increasing feather strength when pulling out the cable compensates the increasing cable weight.

Electric safety is also ensured through high-quality silver contact slip-rings with double-contact collector as well as completely isolated cable guidance in the plastic construction. The length of the cable hanging out can be individually adjusted with the cable-stopper, which also acts as a safeguard against the cable from being pulled back in.

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