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In every workshop but also in the household, with hobbies or in the office, one needs reliable quality products next to the own expertise for a professional execution of many jobs. With our offers we no only contribute toward making work easier, we also make it safer.

Our cable boxes (Home Line) are real multi talents for a flexible connection. The cable is safely and securely kept in a protective insulated, shock and impact resistant plastic housing.

The high-quality plastic cable drums (Base Line) are recommended for especially demanding uses: with perfect insulation they offer a maximum on safety against electrical accidents, they are chemical-resistant, resistant against gasoline and oil and temperature resistant from – 20°C (– 4°F) bis + 60°C (+ 140°F) and the ergonomic handles even up to + 70°C (+ 158°F). Especially practical is the countersunk break or also the integrated connector holder for a firm cable positioning during transportation. Over and above that there are numerous features available that guarantee an optimal utility value.

The robust special rubber cable drums (Professional Line) with extensive accessories are ideal for professional needs: The unbreakable synthetic-rubber is as durable as steal, but considerably lighter. The material is weatherproof from – 20°C (– 4°F) to + 70°C (+ 158°F) and resistant against chemicals, oils and gasoline. Furthermore there is a 5-year warranty on the handle and the spool.

The classical steel plate cable drums (Classic Line) have proven themselves very well. The surface of the exchangeable plates are extremely shock and abraison-resistant; naturally, the many variations fulfil all safety and quality requirements. Upon request, the drums will be manufactured in the colour specified by the customer and at a surcharge also galvanised.

The construction cable drums (Construction Line) are created to handle all weather conditions, also then when it really gets rough. They are used from energy supply up to disaster control and equipped as per the individual needs and requirements. The optional slip rings have proven to be very practical as the cable can be unrolled without interrupting the power supply.


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