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On air for sure

Sometimes a long cord is quite important - especially then when it comes to television broadcasts, radio broadcasts, live events or sports events our cable drums give a lot of room for play in all broadcast applications.

We have developed special cable drums (Practical Line) for the mounting in broadcast vehicles, in which the cable is reeled up from the front. These products can be mounted space-saving and flexibly; especially there where space is an issue. In addition, the optional slip rings have proven to be very practical as the cable can be unrolled without interrupting the data i.e. power supply.

Flexibility already displays itself in the core of the Camera Line products. Reason for this is that it can be built up in four different segments and as such offers the best prerequisites for very strong and very large cable lengths.

Even if the needs are very special, we have a lot to offer. Cable drums out of the Individual Line are entirely attuned to the relevant demands and conditions. Whereby the size, premises, mounting guidelines or also a special purpose are decisive factors for the individual setup.

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